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Our favorite breads are large, dark-crusted loaves reminiscent of the days when communal village ovens were fired only once a week, and each family would bring its own dough to bake on the hearth. In those times families shaped their dough into massive rounds, knowing that because bigger loaves stay fresh longer than smaller ones, their bread would remain moist and flavorful until the oven was fired again.

In this case, as often with culinary traditions, frugality yielded character. The long, hot bake required by large loaves caramelizes the crust; then, as the bread cools, the flavor of roasted grain permeates the entire loaf. Thus a baker
can achieve a broader spectrum of flavors in a big loaf than in a small roll, even if it's made from the same dough.

Although we're inspired by the rustic traditions of another era, we bake today for a clientele with sophisticated tastes and diverse needs. Because our crusade is simply for diners and shoppers to be offered better bread, we channel what we have learned from the past into our entire range of products. You may browse our menu either by DOUGH, to see families of products made from the same dough, or by USE, to see items organized by how they may be served.